Indra Vikram Singh's space



1    WINDSOR LAD       b c by Blandford-Resplendent, by By George!

(H.H. Maharaja of Rajpipla) C. Smirke           

2    EASTON                 br c by Dark Legend-Phaona, by Phalaris

(Lord Woolavington) Gordon Richards                                                       

3    COLOMBO             b c by Manna-Lady Nairne, by Chaucer

(Lord Glanely) W. Johnstone  

4    TIBERIUS, (Sir Abe Bailey) G. Nicoll           

5    ALISHAH, (H.H. Aga Khan) R. Perryman    

6    VALERIUS, (Sir Abe Bailey) R. A. Jones     

7    UMIDWAR, (H.H. Aga Khan) H. Wragg      

8    PATRIOT KING, (Mr. James A. de Rothschild) G. Bezant  

9    PRIDE OF THE CHILTERNS, (Mr. H.S. Lester) F. Herbert            

10  PRIMERO, (Mr. W. Barnett) C. Ray                                       

11  BONDSMAN, (Mr. William Woodward) J. Childs                                         


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