WordPress Discussion Leader- “Whodunit–The Media?” by Maggie Cutler

1. The reason for youth violence is the Media:

Sarah Medina: “The amount of violence shown to children and that is easily accessible in media today does not help the issue of youth violence. ”

Taylor: “The reason kids tend to become more aggressive and hostile is because they are being exposed to influential media, children mix up the difference between reality and fantasy.”

2. The reason for youth violence is their bringing: 

Anna: “Another factor that could be included is the exposure that the kids have to violence.  In general, the environment can play a big part in a child’s life. ”

Casey: “I think lessening the violent things in the media would help somewhat but it would certainly not eliminate these things from happening. Children who are brought up around violence and things of that nature are going to be more likely to grow up being a violent person.”

Lyndsy: “The constant viewing of movies and TV shows that extol the lives of ‘kickass heroines’ and machine-gun-wielding heroes has become the norm for children, as well as their heroes’ language and appalling behavior, that it’s no wonder kids today are not becoming the lovely little cherubs that they were a generation ago.”

Ryan: I have begun to believe that the media is too often a scapegoat.   I think that parents don’t want to be honest with themselves, and they won’t admit that their violent children are a product of their neglect or their bad examples.”

Sara Maculuso:  “[Maggie Cutler] believes that instead it is real life experiences that cause a child to become violent and to act on violent thoughts. Children are more influenced by the world they are really living in than the fictional world that movies and television bring them in to.”

Sylina: “Cutler says “… violent media as only one among many factors in juvenile violence… inborn temperament, early parental abuse or neglect, poverty, cognitive impairment, plus a deficiency of corrective influence or role models in various combinations will put a child at greater risk for violence, both as perpetrator and as victim” (687) [.]

3. The reason for youth violence are experiences and influences.

Andrew: “With this, Cutler argues that wrongly blaming media violence is just pushing the real correlation to teen violence under the rug, their own lives.”

Emily: “A child’s environment has more influence than the media, it is constantly affecting their behaviors and thoughts, by the meaningful relationships they have with others.”

Jorge: “While violence in television may not be the best choice for children, Cutler believes that people should focus more on real-life influences that can trigger a violent child and violent actions.”

Mattie: “Maggie Cutler defines the rule of the real and presents it as a possible explanation for the correlation between media violence watched by children and their aggressive behavior.”

Shannon: “Cutler believes there are too many variables in this theory for anything to be proved, and the real reason for violence isn’t the media, it’s about the lives and experiences of individuals.”

Discussion Questions:

1. How can we stop the influence of youth violence through media?

2. Which of the three categories do you believe plays the biggest part in the contribution of youth violence?



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