Taste of the World

Hi everyone! Sorry been quiet lately.I went traveling and got quite busy with other things.Anyways,my phone gone crazy that I can’t open any files.I had to transfer all the photos somewhere including all the photos that I took while traveling.I’ll try to post them in the coming days along with stories of my adventure:) What’s new?Well I turned a year older once again and my goals have turned into a long list.I hope and pray that I’ll get to realize them somehow. Enough about that,on to the topic at hand…Esterhazy Torte.I got a greeting card with an esterhazy print.I got curious and wanted to try to make one.All was well except for a mistake on my part…I should’ve known better.The weather here now is terrible!We are in the middle of Summer and I’m making a buttercream torte!Silly me!Anyways,I tried saving it and here’s the torte just before I placed it…

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