MLA Practice Assignment: “The Potential Impact Of The Use Of Homeopathic And Herbal Remedies On Monitoring The Safety Of Prescription Products” by KN Woodward


In the article “The Potential Impact Of The Use Of Homeopathic And Herbal Remedies On Monitoring The Safety Of Prescription Products,” Kevin Woodward writes, “In addition, the use of herbal medicines can alter the results of laboratory tests,  either due to direct interference,  because of toxicology or as a result of interactions, leading to  misleading results and diagnoses” (224).

I chose to use this quote because this particular sentence  it includes information that best encapsulates the main flaws with using homeopathic and herbal remedies, and why the interaction of this medicine and prescribed medications makes it difficult for doctors to make a proper diagnosis for patients. This flaw is the most difficult for doctors to overcome, when making a diagnosis and deciding what drugs to prescribe because they can’t do so correctly, that is to prescribe a drug that will not cause the patient further harm, if they don’t know that (a) the patient is taking any homeopathic remedies or (b) what the homeopathic remedies are/or what is in them. It is important to quote because, I wish to include the sentence as it is written, therefore I use quotation marks, and give credit to the  author that originally wrote these words.


Stricter regulatory control would also ensure that herbal products were adequately assessed for efficacy and safety — particularly form the point of view of toxicity and drug interactions, which in turn would lead to the identification of contraindications and more adequate labelling and patient information

If herbal products had harsher regulations, they could be better scrutinized for patient’s safety and their effectiveness. Such regulations would make identifying toxic ingredients from a product’s label easy, and would prevent harmful drug interactions, which would also help doctor’s when prescribing drugs or making a diagnosis for a patient (Woodward 224).

I choose to paraphrase this particular line, because if this were implemented, then the problem stated in the quote would be theoretically solved. It is important to paraphrase rather than to summarize, because in certain circumstances there are specific details that you wish to include, but you do not wish to use the exact wording in the text, which it is found.


The use of herbal medicines, particularly by the elderly, by pregnant women, and those with life-threatening conditions such as cardiovascular disease or cancer, and by patients about to undergo surgery, is of concern, especially when their health care workers are unaware of these medications. Such uses, and the extent of the use, raises particular anxieties over the safety of complementary medicines, not only because they might result in adverse drug reactions, but because of their potential for causing drug interactions with prescribed medicines. However, they also give rise to concern because adverse reactions arising from their use might be erroneously ascribed to prescribed medicines.

It is concerning when people, such as  pregnant women, the elderly, people that have cancer or cardiovascular disease, or are about to undergo surgery, use herbal medicine, especially to unaware health care workers, because they don’t know how these medicines may interact with other medicines a patient is taking–possibly resulting in an adverse reaction because of the H.M. or possibly because of the other drugs a patient is taking (Woodward 220).

It is important to summarize so that you can get the main points of a section; specific details are not required, thus neither is a quote.


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