‘Finding Dory’ Announced Starring @TheEllenShow

#Hashtag Hollywood

Looks like Dory is going to “keep on swimming.”

The forgetful blue fish character on Pixar’s infamous Finding Nemo is set to star in the sequel to the animated film. The movie titled Finding Dory will feature Dory on her own adventure to reunite with her loved ones. Ellen DeGeneres is set to take on the role once again which is expected to released on November 25, 2015.

DeGeneres took to Instagram to make the “official” announcement to her fans.

But Instagram wasn’t the only social media platform DeGenres linked the announcement too. As most Instagram fiends do, DeGeneres also linked her post to her Twitter account.

So which one had the most traffic? Let’s crunch the numbers.


Likes: 277,056
Comments: 11,806
Followers: 1,741,872
Following: 74


Favorites: 8,797
Retweets: 20,206
Followers: 18,058,223
Following: 46,961


Sometimes you just can’t beat the platform…

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