Reveries and regrets

In my viewfinder

Reveries and regretsI envy the clouds passing by, quickly
I regret the words unwritten
and those unspoken
The kisses not given
The hugs missed
The dawn had found you in my bed one more night
Reveries and regrets, I solely live, now
Black and white photographs
Of you and of me
Ghosts and specters, traveling
They always return
We Spend the night at the border
The horses must rest
Small lights in the dark
distant sounds
I imagine a dance
the dancers skim over each other
I’m looking for your hand, again
It’s a cold night
I am disarmed
I feel like this is just a bad dream
But how long?
How long?
I’ve never heard about it
Like a clown without a smile
a wizard without his wand
like a lover waiting in vain
A glass of wine
one by one
and more
In mind that song
And in my arms…

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