Ten Irish quirks (Daily Prompt)

Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis & Me

The idiosyncrasies of Ireland… they are everywhere if you open your eyes. WordPress asks us to write a list today so I didn’t need to think long about my subject because I always write Irish quirks when I meet/see/hear them. And believe me, after living in Ireland for 10 years and almost 6 months now, I still find new ones! (Daily Prompt: The Satisfaction of a List)

  1. Pedestrians waiting to cross the roads and staring at the little red man to go green… only tourists do so. You can spot who’s a tourist by the look on their faces when they see Irish residents dodge the traffic and jump in front of oncoming traffic. Yep, we’re a risk-taking kind of society!
  2. The sad and confusing look on the faces of said tourists when, upon arrival in Dublin city, they spot a tall building bearing the name ‘Heineken’ instead of…

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