Formal Outline

1. Introduction
A. Lead in: Headaches are a typical problem that everyone experiences, that some people treat with OTC, others use Homeopathic Remedies.
B. Subtopics:
Some doctors and other medical officials are wary of patients using this form of treatment because there:

Is not enough regulation on the ingredients that are put into various supplements and other forms of H.R.s.

A problem of patients not adhering to the proper dosage prescribed to them.

There are many various ingredients that could be used to treat a headache, based on many factors that vary in each patient (age, weight, diet, allergies, drugs they are currently taking, medical conditions, etc.), that can’t easily be documented therefore making it difficult for doctors to accurately diagnose or prescribe other medications that don’t negatively interfere with the supplements their patients are currently taking.

There isn’t a ‘sufficient’ amount of data and studies that prove using homeopathic remedies to treat headaches is more effective than using OTCs or drugs prescribed by doctors.

C. Thesis:

Even though the current data is disputed by medical officials, it has been proven that a small portion of people that suffer from headaches can get relief by using homeopathic remedies, and further research should be made hence that national regulation be instated so that everyone is introduced to this form of treatment.

2. Body

A. Background and definitions of Homeopathic Remedies

Define Homeopathic Remedies, give examples that are used to treat headache patients (There are many different forms)

Explain the factors that determine a patients’ dose (& why these vary for each patient)

B. Explain why H.R.s are a better option for patients versus OTCs.

Include results from various studies whose conclusions point back to patients factors.

C. Suggest that specific requirements be set for future studies so that the data is credible and can be referenced.

D. Make it clear that there will always be a percentage that don’t follow instructions in accordance to their medication, and therefore there will always be a portion of participants in studies that make the data collected unusable, and lastly, there are always patients, whose medication they are prescribed to take, does not treat their medical condition,


Just because Homeopathic Remedies don’t work for all patients, should not indicate that H.R.s are not a successful form of treatment for the patients that do get relief.

(i.e. I myself am a patient who has been relieved from headaches by using H.R. s)

Include personal experience with headaches and the relief gained through H.R.s

3. Conclusion

Lead out:

A. Restate main argument, (try to include personal experience for emphasis.)

Look to the future:

B. Restate that lack of complete success for all patients should not discredit the small portion of fortunate patients that gained relief through H.R.s.

C. Suggest ways that more patients can have access to H.R. to treat headaches.

Create blanket requirements for studies to be conducted that question the effectiveness of H.R.s vs. OTCs or vs. prescriptions.

Have a qualified medical board construct a specific list of guidelines for H.R.s to be sold in the U.S. and for the ingredients that make up H.R.s to be strictly reviewed and inspected.


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