In pursuit of perfection – part 2

What's Burning?

This is part two to a potentially endless saga of posts pertaining to the perfection of chocolate chip cookies.  If you haven’t read part one, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE??  Seriously though, get some back story and PLEASE check out the first post, then come back; otherwise we’ll all be laughing at the jokes and references and you’ll just be sitting there pretending like you get it, but we will all know you don’t.  We’ll know…

SO, part 2.  The cookie recipe I’m giving you now is what I THOUGHT was the best and final, end-all chocolate chip cookie recipe for quite a long time; Several years, actually.  It’s actually an adaptation of one of the MANY Mrs. Fields cookie recipes floating around out there.  You’ve heard the story….Some lady was told over the phone that the recipe for the Mrs. Fields cookie was 4.95, but she ended up being…

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