Gilmore Girls Profile

It’s 5 O’clock- Dive for the Remote!

Whether it was Middle School–when every day was  a version of hell ,or High School when you enter a different, crueler level of hell– if you were a teenage girl, you made sure you were home at 5P.M. to catch the latest episode of the beloved TV show, Gilmore Girls. A show that could be watched during any mood swing, during any stage of a girl’s life, and still be appreciated because you could relate, cry, and laugh–all in the one episode. It was one hour of your life that you could count on to make you smile, giggle and think profound thoughts. And all you really needed was to hear those  few words, to let you know it’s time to loath Emily for eternity, to patronize Taylor for breathing and to steer clear of the wrath of Paris Gellar because in a single breathe she could leave her victims emotionally scarred for life.

Operation Finish Line

Paris Geller, once an enemy but becomes a friend to Rory Gilmore.

An hour to escape reality and to pop into the  most engaging, borderline psychotic, yet always charming  town in Connecticut.


Stars Hollow

The Perfect Modern Mother-Daughter Duo  


Lorelai and Rory

It is no wonder that Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel soon became envied and idolized once the show, Gilmore Girls, gained cult status.   Every daughter wanted to be Rory, (who was played by Bledel) because she was the only offspring of the coolest mother ever to go on the air, Lorelai Gilmore, or least second to Samantha Stephens (played by Elizabeth Montgomery on the TV sitcom Bewitched.) Since October 2000, Lorelai and Rory have been uniting daughters and mothers alike for one whole hour each week (when it was first aired on the CW and every weekday on ABC Family when it played reruns at 5 P.M.) It didn’t matter if the mother and daughter currently or permanently hated each other, if they barely  talked or if they didn’t do anything else in the week  together. For one hour, they could sit down and watch two people that were like them, or who they wished to be, and simply enjoy the chaotic mess of life in Stars Hollow.


Lorelai and Rory dressed in 1940s attire for a 24-Hour Dance Marathon.

Gilmore Girls was the first  hit show on TV whose  main characters were different. Lorelai, the manager of the local inn, The Independence Inn, a hard-working single mother-who had her daughter at the ripe age of 16 (yes the perfect role model) that worked her ass off, was caffeine-based, had non-stop energy and a sense of humor that could make almost anyone crack a smile.  Rory, the ideal daughter: a sweet brainiac who aimed  for the Ivy-Leagues, read like a fiend, and had practically identical taste in music and movies as her mother. It was also Lorelai’s relationship with her estranged mother Emily  that added an entirely different dimension to the show. Lorelai came   from a wealthy family  which  she rejected once she realized she  was pregnant. From the pilot episode on, watchers are able to have  a ringside seat for the infamous Friday Night Dinners to witness the emotional turmoil of Lorelai’s relationship with Emily, quite possibly the  most judgmental mother ever, and Richard, her stoic father. The relationship between parents and daughter are like no other family, and are extremely  rare and offer a look into a world not often seen: a privileged family whose way of life the daughter abandoned  to rear a wonderful child ; said daughter goes crawling back to her parents years later to ask for money to put her daughter in a costly prep school, in doing so becomes financially and forever emotionally involved.

It is Rory’s monumental aspirations that encourage teenage girls to reach for the stars, and apply themselves academically.  Rory became a shining example for teenage girls to  work their hardest to make getting into their dream colleges a reality–Rory worked her absolute hardest, got into 3 Ivy League colleges: Harvard, Princeton and Yale. She had her pick, chose Yale, based on her infinite pro-con lists, went on to be Editor of The Yale Daily News and travel on the 2008 Presidential campaign.

Despite her checkered past, Lorelai also became a strong female figure in the fourth season when she and her best friend Sookie St. James, (played by Melissa McCarthy who went on to become a huge comedic actress) finally bought the property and restored the former inn, The Dragonfly, to its former glory. Sookie and Lorelai became renowned businesswomen, while remaining best friends.

At the end of the series, Lorelai and Rory were remembered by their fans for their pitfalls, (not getting married, getting married to the wrong man, and their triumphs (graduating as valedictorian, completing college, opening a business.) These women have become heroes in the eyes of daughters and mothers, teenager girls  and middle-aged women to be their own person and go after whatever it is they  want. To take chances, say absolutely crazy things, and to be yourself.

Gilmore Girls set the precedent for modern women, so that they are no longer disillusioned  with the idea that a women must live her life according to society’s expectations.

By watching one episode and with a cup of Founder’s Day punch in hand,  women are set free by these archaic chains and are converted to be as euphoric as Lorelai during her birthday week.

Stars Hollow: An Oddball’s Hometown  


Luke’s Diner

In the quaint corner of  Connecticut lies a town of bizarre, quirky characters that call Stars Hollow home. Here you can count on a festival every weekend celebrating every holiday known to man, a good cup of coffee from Luke’s, and mind boggling conversation with the town’s most eccentric individual: Kirk Gleason. But it’s the endless banter of the mother and daughter dynamic of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. It is around the lives of these two wonderful women that the town is hinged. The Gilmores know and entertain their neighbors and friends with the many mishaps of their daily lives, and feed on the hilarity of other’s misfortunes. Whether it’s at Luke’s diner where Lorelai and Rory replenish their energy (i.e. large cups of coffee and horrendous amounts of junk food, which they never gain  a pound from) or at Doose’s Market, where Miss Patty, the town’s gossip can be found or the proprietor Taylor Doose will lecture on a ridiculous misdemeanor, the girls are sure to keep their audiences entertained with their java-powered, sharp-as-a-whip, don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it, super-duper fast, convoluted and partially confusing conversations.

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