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Surviving Freshers Week

Well that’s fecking brilliant. Why can’t us Yanks get this thru our heads? Life would be so much more simpler.

The Adventurer

Freshers Week, the first week of classes at UCC, is a week full of frustration, long hours, colorful booths and a whole lot of yelling, chanting students with pints in their hands.

This past week I’ve had to start my college experience from scratch as a fresher just like I had to do when I first arrived at Carolina two years ago. It’s been really strange getting to know the library again, finding good study spots again, and joining clubs and societies all over again.

Thankfully, most aspects of being a UCC fresher are not all that different from being a UNC fresher, so although it felt strange going to Societies Day instead of Fall Fest, the two are nearly one in the same. I’ve known what to expect for the most part.

It’s the things that are so widely different that really throw me off guard and make me…

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I Go To Hogwarts

I may or may not be the slightest bit jealous. Oh well, I plan on going to a soccer, hurling, and rugby game. And more than one I might add!

The Adventurer

When I was choosing where I wanted to study abroad, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking for Hogwarts. I wanted to travel to a far off land to a school nestled in the green countryside, surrounded by water where I could row into campus on a boat my first day, and most importantly, it had to be a castle. And when I found a university that fit all of those criteria, how could I pass it up?

So, I chose to study abroad at University College Cork where sitting on the quad is the West Wing, otherwise known as the castle where classes are held, where the River Lee flows through campus and the occasional currach (traditional Irish boat) will be rowed through campus, and where there is lush green scenery every way you look. I found my Hogwarts.

After over a month of living in…

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The Pub Life

When I read the part @ the pub being like being below decks on the Titanic, I just knew that I am destined to have as a great an experience as this. I just know right down to my core.

The Adventurer

This past Tuesday I met up with a few new friends from UCC at the Blarney Castle Hotel for a night out. We walked around the small, quiet town of Blarney and then headed into the hotel pub for a hot meal and some traditional Irish music.

The night went better than I think any of us had planned. The food was amazing, the people we met were friendly and just spectacular. We also had the chance to get to know Mags McCarthy, an Irish dance teacher at UCC who showed us the town and organized for us to come up to Blarney in the first place. She told us stories about her time on tour, dancing, playing the fiddle, the guitar, you name it, she’s done it. She was amazing. She also told us about her time spent in Hollywood, where she became close friends with the actor Jesse…

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S’mores Brownies

I am absolutely drooling

Over Thanksgiving break, I made a boo boo.  My sister-in-law’s mom absolutely LOVES the s’mores candy bars that I make, and I had promised to make her a couple when we all got together for Thanksgiving.  Well, 58 things down on my to-do list later, and I completely forgot about making these for her…and didn’t realize it until she was looking at the pumpkin cookies I brought that were sitting on the counter, then poked out that lower lip and asked where the candy bars were.  Yikes.  I felt horrible, and promised her that I would make them the following week for her and bring them over when we all got together for dinner again.  Fast forward a few days, and guess what?  The day of our dinner gathering, I went into the kitchen to make the candy bars for her…only to realize that I was missing two out of…

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