Surviving Freshers Week

Well that’s fecking brilliant. Why can’t us Yanks get this thru our heads? Life would be so much more simpler.

The Adventurer

Freshers Week, the first week of classes at UCC, is a week full of frustration, long hours, colorful booths and a whole lot of yelling, chanting students with pints in their hands.

This past week I’ve had to start my college experience from scratch as a fresher just like I had to do when I first arrived at Carolina two years ago. It’s been really strange getting to know the library again, finding good study spots again, and joining clubs and societies all over again.

Thankfully, most aspects of being a UCC fresher are not all that different from being a UNC fresher, so although it felt strange going to Societies Day instead of Fall Fest, the two are nearly one in the same. I’ve known what to expect for the most part.

It’s the things that are so widely different that really throw me off guard and make me…

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